WELCOME to Words.in.Frames!

1st, a very warm welcome to our Online Store!

Words.in.Frames, established in October 2009, specializes in creating uniquely designed and skillfully hand made frame-based gifts for all occasions. These gifts are designed to capture the beauty and essence of words / characters and present them artistically using frames and colored styrofoam boards imported from overseas.

Today, hundreds of frames have been sold, not just locally in Singapore, but also to 20 cities in 15 countries around the world. Our frames are proudly displayed in homes, office desks, clinics, schools, shops, wedding receptions, etc and they are often the "highlights" in these places. Besides English words and Chinese characters, our frames have also gone "international" when started to incorporate Arabic, Japanese and Korean characters.

The very ONE thing that makes our frames unique, personal and meaningful, is because YOU, our customer is able to be "part" of the artwork design process.  Our frames are 100% customizable, that means you have an active say in the final design you want, from the frame size & color to the colors of the Styrofoam, font types, font sizes, etc. Everyone loves unqiue, personalized and meaningful gifts, and that's what Words.in.Frames offers.

Also, every piece of artwork is skillfully hand-made and is a masterpiece, they are definitely NOT the mass-produced off-the-shelf kind of gifts you find in most gift stores.  You can be rest assured that your Gift to your loved ones and friends will be the ONE-and ONLY-ONE piece in the world.

We surely hope you can find something you want in our store, if not, drop us an e-mail at sales@across.com.sg and we can definitely work out something for you.  You can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see we have the answer to what you are looking for.  Have fun and hope to hear from you soon!

Our Products Series at a Glance

Words.in.Frames has frames for all occasions! So click the Series Headings below to see the wide variety of artwork samples we have for each Series and surely you can find something or get some ideas as a special gift for that special someone! 

For Family Names Series, we have further sub-categorized the samples into 4 categories based on the number of names.  If you are looking for an artwork for a family of 4, just click on "4 Names" below.

To get a closer look on a particular artwork, you can click on the picture and then click again to zoom in.

A Note on our Product Codes:

Format of our Product Codes XXX-WWHH-NNYY are indicated BELOW each sample ( not ABOVE )
  • XXX is the Series Code, e.g. FAM for Family Names series
  • WW is the Artwork Width
  • HH is the Artwork Height, e.g. 2418 means the artwork is 24 cm wide and 18 cm tall
  • NN is the Number of Names ( applicable to Family Names series only )
  • YY is the Product Number.
Alternatively, you can also scroll through the designs pages by clicking on the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of each page to go to the next page and the "Newer Posts" link to return to the previous page. To return to the Main Page of the blog, you can always click on the "Home" link. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions to know more about our products and services.

How to Place Your Order?

To place your order, simply

We normally respond to our customers' enquiry e-mails within 24-48 hours, so if you do not hear from us beyond 48 hours, it is very likely that our responses might have been classified as "spam e-mails" by your mailbox and forwarded to your Junk Folders instead of your Inbox. Do check, if not, do send us an e-mail again or call us. If our e-mails from sales@across.com.sg are indeed treated as "spam e-mails", do add the e-mail address to your Whitelist or Contact List so that future correspondences will go to your Inbox. And provide the following details:
  1. Product Code ( e.g. Family Names Series FAM-5023-4027. Please note that Product Codes are found BELOW each sample picture, not above. );
  2. Frame Colour: Black, White, Brown, Stain Oak or Aluminium. Please refer to Frame Colours section to the different frame colour samples.
  3. Frame Size: 15x10 cm, 18x13 cm, 23x23 cm ( available only in black and white ), 24x18 cm, 30x21 cm ( available only in black and white ), 40x30 cm, 50x40 cm, 50x23 cm and 70x50 cm
  4. Frame Orientation: Landscape OR Portrait
  5. Chinese Font Set: Traditional Chinese OR Simplified Chinese. Please see the Popular Chinese Fonts and quote the Font Code.
  6. Colors Selection, e.g. yellow ( 02 ) for Chinese name, blue ( 13 ) for English name, etc ( Please see Color Palette below for Color Codes );
  7. Cut Effect, e.g. CUT IN for Chinese name and CUT OUT for English name, etc ( Please see below for Samples of CUT IN and CUT OUT );
  8. Details: Surname, names, birth dates & data, quotes, bible verses, icons, etc.
  9. Quantity;
  10. Express Service required ( Less than 7 days ): Yes OR No;
  11. Delivery OR Self Collection;
  12. Delivery Address;
  13. Delivery Date & Time;
  14. Contact Number ( Mobile Phone No. preferred );
  15. SingaporeMotherhood.com Username ( if applicable ).
Alternatively, our Thy Word series frames can also be found @ the following outlets:

SKS Books Warehouse ( 315 Outram Road, #09-03, Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074 ) Tel: 62279700 ( http://www.sksbooks.com/ ) Mon-Fri - 0900 to 1900 hours, Sat - 0900 to 1800 hours.

Price Ranges

The prices of our artworks depend on TWO things: SIZE of the frame & COMPLEXITY of the artwork designs, i.e. the amount of effort & time required to produce the artwork.

The abovementioned price ranges are just for cost estimation purpose only. The actual price of the frame will be quoted upon confirmation & acceptance of the finalized artwork. All quoted prices are before discount ( if applicable ) and inclusive of GST.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices: Based on frame size and design complexity and ranges from S$30.00 onwards and inclusive of 7% GST ( GST Registration No : M90355895R ).
  2. Exclusions: Prices do not include the deco, figurine or accessories used in the pictures.
  3. Packaging: With effect from 1 January 2013, boxes will no longer be provided for all frame sizes.  Only frames with size 10 cm x 15 cm, 13 cm x 18 cm, 18 cm x 24 cm and 21 cm x 30 cm will be wrapped in sealed clear plastic bags.
  4. Payment Terms: Cash / Interbank Transfer upon Delivery / Collection. No advance payment or deposit is required. If the product is to be delivered to an individual or organization other than the Customer himself / herself, full payment will need to be made before delivery.
  5. Cancellation of Orders: Upon Acceptance of artwork design & layout and Confirmation of Order by the Customer, a Cancellation Fee amounted to 50% of the agreed before-discount-price for any cancellation of order(s) thereafter.
  6. Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks upon confirmation of frame artwork and layout design. Once frame layout artwork is confirmed and production commences, all subsequent revisions are chargeable and will delay the delivery of the frames.
  7. Express Service Charges: An Express Service Charge amounting to 20% of the price of the artwork will be imposed if customers require their artwork to be ready less than 7 calendar days.  An Super Express Service Charge amounting to 30% of the price of the artwork will be imposed if customers require their artwork to be ready less than 3 calendar days.
  8. Delivery Charges: Free within Singapore for orders amount to S$50.00 and above ( amount after discount if applicable ). With effect from 1 January 2011, a S$5.00 delivery charge will be imposed for orders less than S$50.00. Customers who do not wish to incur the delivery charge can opt to self-collect their items at designated locations: Paya Lebar MRT Station or Pasir Ris MRT Station.
  9. Discount Level: 10% discount applies for all purchases made at Car Boot Sales, Flea Markets or through SingaporeMotherhood.com. For verification purpose, customers are required to provide their SingaporeMotherhood.com's User ID when placing their orders to enjoy the discount.
  10. Design Ownership. All frame designs, be it artworks, pictures or the final frame products are wholly owned by ACROSS Collections and may not be redistributed in any way or under any other name without advance written consent.
  11. Publication Rights. ACROSS Collections reserves the exhibition rights and publication rights to the frame designs in print, broadcast and electronic media without requiring the permission of the customers and without any fee payment. If customers do not wish their frames to be exhibited or published in print, broadcast and electronic media, please make it known upon confirmation of order.

Colours Palette & Cut Effects

To see a larger image of the color palette, double click the image.
  1. Words.in.Frames has two Styrofoam suppliers. Supplier A offers Color Codes 01 (white), 02 (yellow), 09 (green), 10 (red), 13 (blue) and 15 (black). Supplier B offers Color Codes, 03 (orange), 04 (pink), 05 (red), 06 (lime green), 07 (light green), 08 (green), 11 (light blue), 12 ( blue) and 14 (purple).
  2. The colors offered by Supplier A are brighter and more striking while the colors offered by Supplier B are the softer pastel colors.
  3. The Styrofoam materials offered by the suppliers also vary in texture and thickness. The Styrofoam by Supplier A is smoother and 1 mm thicker than the Styrofoam supplied by Supplier B.
  4. Advice ( not a MUST ): Try to use colors from one supplier instead of a mix of both.
Note: Frame sizes 15 cm x 10 cm, 18 x 13 cm, 24 x 18 cm and 30 x 21 cm come with a stand & a hook behind the frame. For frames bigger than 30 x 21 cm, they can only be wall-mounted.

Samples of Cut Effects

The Chinese names ( 爱琳 and 楷浚 ) is CUT IN and the English names ( ANNE and MAX ) is CUT OUT. The main difference between CUT IN and CUT OUT is characters & words using CUT IN will always appear black ( or the background color which they are pasted on ) while characters & words using CUT OUT will be the colors which they are cut out.

Frame Colours

Note: Frame sizes 23 cm x 23 cm and 30 cm x 21 cm ONLY come in black and white.  These two frame sizes do not come in brown, stain oak or silver.

Popular Chinese Fonts

Sample of Artwork & Final Product

Computer Generated Artwork ( in PDF format )
Final Product

Family Names Series ( 3 Names )

^Product Code: FAM-1824-3004
^ Product Code: FAM-1824-0007
^ Product Code: FAM-1824-0008
^ Product Code: FAM-2130-3002
^ Product Code: FAM-2130-3004
^ Product Code: FAM-2418-3002
^Product Code: FAM-3021-3003
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-3014
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-3006
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-3016
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-3015
^ Product Code: FAM-4030-3001
^Product Code: FAM-4050-3001
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-3002
^ Product Code: FAM-2350-3001
^ Product Code: FAM-5040-3001

Family Names Series ( 4 Names )

^ Product Code: FAM-2130-4003
^ Product Code: FAM-2418-4004
^ Product Code: FAM-2418-4005
^ Product Code: FAM-2418-4011
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4002
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4031
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4041
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4004
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4009
^Product Code: FAM-3021-4030
^ Product Code: FAM-3021-4012
^ Product Code: FAM-3040-4004
^ Product Code: FAM-3040-4002
^ Product Code: FAM-3040-4011
^ Product Code: FAM-3040-4012
^ Product Code: FAM-4030-4004
^ Product Code: FAM-4050-4001
^ Product Code: FAM-4050-4002
^ Product Code: FAM-4050-4004
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4003
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4005
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4007
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4009
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4013
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4020
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4024
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4027
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4033
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4035
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4039
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4040
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4051
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4041
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4036
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4038
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4043
^ Product Code: FAM-5023-4045
^ Product Code: FAM-5070-4001