WELCOME to Words.in.Frames!

Words.in.Frames, established in October 2009, specializes in creating uniquely designed and skillfully hand made frame-based gifts for all occasions. These gifts are designed to capture the beauty and essence of words & characters and present them artistically using frames and coloured Styrofoam boards imported from overseas.

Our Products
24 Product Series with more than 480 designs selection!  
We surely hope you can find something you want in our online store, if not, contact us and we can definitely work out something for you!

Our Price Range
Starting from as low as S$30.... Our artworks are priced based on the artwork sizes and the complexity of the designs, i.e. the amount of effort and time required to make.

Our Testimonials
More than 280 positive comments & feedback posted via SingaporeMotherhood.com, Facebook, E-mails & Whatsapp

Frequently Asked Questions
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