Latest News! Words.in.Frames has officially launched its new website - www.wordsinframes.com on 9 August 2017! With the launch of the new website, we will cease the updating of this blog site with immediate effect. Please visit us at our new website. See you there!

Words.in.Frames @ Facebook

Important Note

Due to recent rules changes by Facebook on News Feed, all of the Facebook pages a user has LIKED, e.g. Words.in.Frames, will only appear chronologically on the user’s Pages Feed ( found on the left-hand sidebar ) and not on the user’s News Feed.

So in order to continue to see updates of new designs from Words.in.Frames in your News Feed, you will need to manually set the option by performing the following 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Click the "Liked" button and ensure the option “Posts in News Feed – Default” is selected as seen below. Then click on the option “Posts in News Feed – Default”.

Step 2: Select the “See First” option. If the “Default” option is chosen, new posts from Words.in.Frames page will not appear in your News Feed unless you have your News Feed set to “Most Recent”.

Step 3: Click the "Done" button to save the settings. And that’s it.