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Exclusive Promotion for SKS Books Warehouse Customers!

With effect from 1 July 2014, SKS Books Warehouse customers will enjoy special promotional discounts, ranging from 10% to 25% when they order products* from Words.in.Frames using their Purchase Receipts.

In other words, the more you purchase @ SKS Books Warehouse, the greater the discount you get when you order products from Words.in.Frames.

SKS Books Warehouse is located 315, Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, #09-03, Singapore 169074 and they can be reached at (65)-62279700.  For more information on SKS Books Warehouse, please visit their website at www.sksbooks.com.

* Subjected to Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

The One-Time Promotional Discount is ........
  1. Strictly based on the total amount on a single purchase receipt. Combination of receipts amounts ( even if they are issued on the same day ) is not allowed.
  2. Only valid for 6 months from the Date of the Receipt.
  3. A one-time discount for one single order for no more than 2 artwork pieces with Words.in.Frames.  The 3rd artwork piece will be treated as an order from a returning customer, hence will automatically be given a 10% discount.
  4. Cannot be used in conjunction with another discount, e.g. 10% discount for SingaporeMotherhood.com members.  In other words, no double discount.
  5. Not applicable for the Thy Word and Words of Wisdom series products which are already available in SKS Books Warehouse.
Customers must retain a copy of the original purchase receipt and produce it for verification purpose upon delivery / collection of the products. Failure to do so will render the special promotional discount as invalid.