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Words of Wisdom ( WoW ) Series 智慧之语系列

Words of Wisdom ( WoW ) Series was the 2nd series of artwork designed by Words.in.Frames in 2010. The series offers a choice of 16 sets of Chinese characters and inspirational quotes and here are some of the samples of the series.

^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0001
^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0002
^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0003
^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0004
^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0005
^ Product Code: WOW-1318-0006
^ Product Code: WOW-1813-0001
^ Product Code: WOW-1824-0001
^ Product Code: WOW-2323-0001
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0001
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0002
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0003
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0004
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0005

^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0006
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0007
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0008
^ Product Code: WOW-2418-0009
^ Product Code: WOW-3021-0001