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D.I.Y. Arts & Craft


For customers who wish to D.I.Y. their own artworks or create their own home deco, e.g. personalized Christmas tree ornaments, room signages, etc, Words.in.Frames also offers Styrofoam cutting services, tailored specifically to customers' requirements and preferences. Unlike traditional arts & crafts shops that sell standard ( size, font & colour ) Styrofoam alphabets & numbers, Words.in.Frames can cut and customize alphabets, numbers, Chinese characters ( traditional & simplified Chinese ), non-Chinese characters, icons and silhouettes and allow the customers to choose the font, font size and Styrofoam colours they want.

Price Ranges
  1. Alphabets Numbers ( no bigger than 5 cm x 5 cm ) - S$2.00* each
  2. Chinese Characters ( no bigger than 8 cm x 8 cm ) - S$5.00 each
  3. Non-Chinese Characters ( no bigger than 8 cm x 8 cm ) - S$5.00 each
  4. Icons Silhouettes - Prices vary based on size and complexity
* For orders of more than 6 alphabets and/or numbers, each alphabet and/or number will be S$1.00 each.

How to Order?

Please provide the following details and e-mail to sales@across.com.sg:
  1. Alphabets / Numbers / Chinese & Non Chinese Characters / Icons / Silhouettes to be cut
  2. Cut Effect
  3. Font Name for Alphabets & Numbers
  4. Chinese Font Set for Chinese Characters
  5. Font Size / Dimension
  6. Colours Selection
  7. Quantity
  8. Express Service required: Yes / No
  9. Delivery / Self Collection
  10. Delivery Address
  11. Delivery Date & Time
  12. Contact Number