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Colours Palette

To see a larger image of the color palette, double click the image.
  1. Words.in.Frames has two Styrofoam suppliers. Supplier A offers Color Codes 01 (white), 02 (yellow), 06 (red), 07 (bright red), 11 (bright green), 15 (blue) and 16 (black). Supplier B offers Color Codes, 03 (orange), 04 (pink), 05 (pastel red), 08 (lime green), 09 (light green), 10 (dark green), 12 (purple), 13 (turquoise blue) and 14 (pastel blue).
  2. The colors offered by Supplier A are brighter and more striking while the colors offered by Supplier B are the softer pastel colors.
  3. The Styrofoam materials offered by the suppliers also vary in texture and thickness. The Styrofoam by Supplier A is smoother and 1 mm thicker than the Styrofoam supplied by Supplier B.
  4. Advice ( not a MUST ): Try to use colors from one supplier instead of a mix of both.