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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Ordering Process

  1. How do I place my order?

    You can call us at (65)-66361605, fax or e-mail your order to us at (65)-66361606 or 
    sales@across.com.sg respectively. Just follow the "Order Details" section and provide us the details and information required to start the ball rolling. It's that simple!

  2. I want to order a frame for someone, but I do not know what I want. How do I start?

    1st and foremost, you need to know the intended purpose of the frame, e.g. giving it as a birthday gift, or celebrating a promotion, or appreciating someone, etc. 2nd, you need to decide the main theme of your frame, e.g. the NAME of the person, or words like HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THANKS, CONGRATULATIONS, etc. 3rd, you need to know the color preferences of the recipient. 4th, you need to provide the message you wish to convey. Lastly, if you need to pick an icon or an object to characterize the recipient, what would you pick? The more information you can provide about the recipient, the better!

  3. Am I obliged to order the frame once an artwork is requested?

    No obligation is attached for artwork requests ( up to Version 3.0 ). But once the artwork design goes beyond Version 3.0 or after the artwork design is confirmed and the order is placed, any cancellation of order comes with a cancellation fee amounted to 50% of the agreed price.

  4. Can you give me a quote?

    In fairness to both you ( the Customer ) and us, we do not quote our price till the artwork design and layout are finalized. You can refer to the Price Ranges in our Blog for cost estimation based on frame sizes. The actual price of the artwork might go beyond the range depending on the final design and layout.

  5. How are the frames priced?

    Besides covering the cost of the frames and the shipment cost of the Styrofoam boards, our artworks are also priced based on the complexity of the artwork design, i.e. the amount of effort and time required to make the artwork. You can refer to the Price Ranges in our Blog for cost estimation.

  6. How and when do I make the payment?

    No advance payment or deposit is required; customers only pay when the frame is delivered to them. But if the frame is to be delivered to another individual other than the Customer, full payment will need to be made before delivery. Customers can either pay cash OR via interbank transfer via ATM or Internet. Payment instructions are indicated in the Tax Invoice.

  7. Is the figurines in the pictures part of the deal?

    No, they are my personal collectibles and are used to enhance the overall feel of the pictures. They are not for sale too.