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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Frames

  1. What frame size should I take?

    It depends on where you want to display it. If you intend to display it on a shelf or a desk, go for the smaller ones, e.g. 17 cm x 12 cm, 20 cm x 15 cm, 26 cm x 20 cm and the 32.5 cm x 23.5 cm which comes with a stand behind the frame. If you intend to display it on a wall, then go for the bigger ones, e.g. 25 cm x 25 cm, 42 cm x 32 cm, 52 cm x 25 cm, 52 cm x 42 cm, 72 cm x 52 cm, etc.

  2. What frame color should I take?

    There are 2 choices of frame colours, namely black and white.  Please refer to the Frame Colours section to see the different frame colour samples.

  3. Other than the standard frame sizes listed above, can I customize the frame size?

    As Words.in.Frames does not make the frames ( only the artwork inside the frames ), our choice of frame sizes is pretty much limited to what our frames supplier offers. But having said that, that does not mean our customers cannot opt for non-standard size frames. Unlike the standard frame sizes which are generally much cheaper, Words.in.Frames or the customers themselves will need to engage a frame making shop to make the non-standard-sized frame and the customers will need to bear the additional cost to make the frame.

  4. Is there a glass cover to protect the artwork?

    Yes, except for frame size 72 cm x 52 cm which will come with a polystyrene plastic cover
    . As Styrofoam is a very soft and delicate material, the glass cover ( not tempered glass though ) / polystyrene plastic cover is provided as part of the frame to protect it.

  5. Does the frame comes with a hook or stand? Only the 17 cm x 12 cm, 20 cm x 15 cm, 26 cm x 20 cm and 32.5 cm x 23.5 cm frames come with both a hook and stand behind. The rest of the frames are designed to be wall-mounted and hence only come with hook(s) and a hanging wire.

  6. Are the frames heavy? Can I hang them using those 3M double-sided tapes?

    The weight of the frame depends on the size of the frame. The frame and the artwork are pretty light but it is the glass cover that is heavy. Due to the humid weather conditions in Singapore, the "stickiness" of the double-sided tapes will wear out with time, so for the safety of our customers, we do not recommend hanging our frames using double-sized tapes.

  7. What is smallest and biggest frame size available?

    The smallest frame is 17 cm x 12 cm and the largest frame we have done so far is 72 cm x 52 cm.