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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Artwork Materials

  1. Where are the colored Styrofoam boards from?

    Other than black and white, all other colored Styrofoam boards are imported from overseas, namely Japan, Korea and China. This is because only black and white Styrofoam boards are available for sale in most art & craft stores in Singapore.

  2. How many colours of Styrofoam boards do you have?

    16 as stated in the Color Palette, namely white (01), yellow (02), orange (03), pink (04), pastel red (05), red (06), bright red (07), lime green (08), light green (09), dark green (10), bright green (11), purple (12), turquoise blue (13), pastel blue (14), blue (15) and black (16). Please see the 
    colour palette for the choice of colors.

  3. How thick is the Styrofoam?

    4-5 mm and 10 mm. 10 mm thick Styrofoam are only available for Color Codes 01, 02, 07, 15 and 16.

  4. Will the Styrofoam disintegrate or soften over time?

    No, it takes about 500 years before Styrofoam can fully disintegrate itself.